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Lamarque Export is a consolidated wood business company that since 2013 has extensive experience in the industrial market and has been growing rapidly in the Eucalyptus and Pine market due to its differentiated qualities and services.


We believe in the wood world community and we make our best effort to contribute and prosper with the market.
· Our culture is founded on the thoughts of all who interact in it, both team members as well as clients and associates.


Provide the most efficient supply chain in the wood industry.
· Offer our clients a comprehensive business concept based on a cycle of negotiation, purchasing, logistics, and services.
· Strengthen the growth of the wood industry, focused on customer service and client satisfaction. Continue being a consistently profitable and growing operation.


Lamarque is based on the values shared by all those who work within, and that identify us as a company where rights and tolerance towards others are respected.
· Productivity and commitment in teamwork.
· Sustainability and social responsibility. · Integrity and respect towards our coworkers and clients. · Leadership and absolute responsibility in our functions. · Positive, creative and proactive attitude. · Constant honesty and professional communication. · Support for our personal and professional goals.

Exporting Wood Brazil Exporting Wood Brazil


Supplying a range of soft and hardwood lumber aimed to satisfy all market needs. We work with Brazilian trusted suppliers, with that we will find the best option for all your specification demand.

Grandis/Dunnii Eucalyptus Lumber

For pallet elements, industrial, constrution and furniture uses.

Taeda/Elliottis Pine Lumber

For pallet elements, industrial, constrution and furniture uses.






Lamarque Export was created to facilitate business for our customers, with efficiency and above all to make the market more competitive for customers and suppliers. In order to guarantee the best quality of our service we have a high qualified team to support everyone involved in the process. Also, we are always working on developing new strategies to improve the quality of our services and increasingly exceed the expectations of our partners.

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